orchid star garden
Tuesday, March 25, 2014

i think i may take a swim
in my mind for a while
wont you come with and take a dip?

skip hither sweet flower
i’ll show you the secret trail
through the dandelion skies
to the mirasol satellite saddle

just behind the honey bee hive
lies a stargate to board the fire spiral
cherry chariot in the shirley temple lagoon

with one shot of my eros harpoon,
i’ll lasso you the moon
and we’ll hide it behind your eyes!

and you my phoenix,
swoon the sun, it’s in thy heart
swirl it around and pirouette
then paint me an iris kaleidoscope
to see the secret silver drip mirror mandala
that we buried in your orchid star garden

that way when we gaze in each other’s maze
we’ll get lost inside each other’s
infinity pool playgrounds!
how timeless!

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