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sweet syrup eyes concerto

orchid star garden

chrome sunset pirouette

jeweled iris echo eye swan one breath
how pon thine eyes i dine divine
beauty by lullaby Isis i see is thee
magic mirror eyes muse you one tune love

moonlit mind swims hypnotic sun paint she is
she fluorescent rain solara incantata,
masquerade mascara jade

my Spiral Eyes you whisper fibonacci wind dreams
fly midnight river, silver drip one starmaze for she
singe keys in swirl type, dance fire fingers, twinkle eyes
dance cosmetic lyrics, cosmic poetics

we eclipse breathe elysium echoes in iris crystals
of ancient suns and sapphire winds she is
with rose drip nectar lips, she melt’s mouths in moon fire
she a chrome sunset in perpetual pirouette
on Venus’ shores, Isis a’dance
twinkling toes in silk white sands

soul portal love true eyes rain on you
swim fire wings in sugary amethyst eyes
cherry serenade my blue veil nightingale bright

drink sweet lips, my spirit rain
crystal fountain chalice falls
o’ sweet syrup eyes concerto,
thine embers glow butterfly music!

implore i, sweet sparrow in swoon,
what magic implanted stars behind thy eyes
and upon when did you swallow the moon?

beauty in lyric mirror reflect she?
nay, lyric eclipsed by apple eyes
lyric sink ‘neath she radiant butterfly fire

lyric. abstraction. nothingness.
words full fancy Keats banquet? emptiness.
lyric celestial magic Gibran mad love? nothingness
dream tea sonnet midnight heart Rumi? abyss
pitch script. ash. fire-wolves devour large

what say lyric of she, divine Beauty?
capture fail essence. foil. nothingness
linguistic larble. label. letters. void
verbal dribble stutter drip. mute

eye o’echo eclipse mirror moon
love burn eternal molten heart one
amorphesa celexa solara
she the Beauty beyond all words

KrYstaL CaScAdEs, DeeP WaTerS JaDe

there’s an ocean shore, a silvery orb, there’s moon
a splintHer, it spliced my HeliOs Iris!
lush echoes adrift betwixt valleys do mix
to melt mirrors luminescent,
unVeiled She, CrystaL EyEs Isis

on MooN strings under SolaRa’s wings,
she did swing and dance with silver tongue
caressing my chorded spine, spiraling
‘round Ra’s eyes with breezy mind in
swirls, tickling my amethyst eye fire

there’s a shimmer a glimmer,
a reflection, a refraction, a lucid elocution
a crystal, a mirror, a moon, a two pi paradox
a swimmingly curvaceous
form most bodacious,
a blanket, some flesh, drapes drizzled,
glistening flesh, a flittering flower,
a vibrant power, a posy, a beat, a pulse,
some sweat, moist sweet breath.
presence now, as the winds caress

there’s a tongue. there’s two. there’s magic.
clocks on fire, there’s futures melting
in past nothingness. there’s monsoons
drumming tribal in ritual on snake skins,
bliss in rain, there’s a kiss, there’s nothingness,
shedding all under cascade falls, nothing
but the pulse, the metallic hum
of Andromeda’s vast lungs,
the Now sweat, the breath,
the eclectic electric souls aglow ecstatic

some hyperlips locked melting waves wrapped
tidal delicious in rapture, mindless womb,
spiraling mad sacral infernos igniting the moon

there’s a sliver of silver, there’s two!
a splinter it’s wedged in my oh Psi Phi spiral Iris!
there’s a feeling, skins peeling
there’s a birth, new earth, paradise timeless
the rising star, there’s presence,

there’s moon, there’s You
the mirror, the glare, heaven’s stairs
here’s nothingness, here’s Sun,
here’s Amun, Atum chanting yaaa Ra I Am!
enter womb, exit time, in presence, in breath
we melted, entering all things Divine.

these silvery eyes,
this maddened tongue
my skies blaze fluorescent
rain with single eye Sol
lips greet the ears mind swims
hypnotic in muse of one mirror

a sweet silver wind ribcage fire, alchemical eyes
lips part, a sliver to syrupy grip quiver,
the two souls depart to fashion deep art
in the HeArt of Twelve DiamondSuns
entering the abyss born sweet timeless,
this, a kiss from sun to moon

sol miraluna mirasol mirror soul
in silver eyes did swim two pi seas
to bathe in her beauty, oceans and lagoons
of crystal cascades in deep waters jade

for one eternity cycling one breath,
piSeas swims delightfully, lost in her labyrinth
in one timeless moment, entered He
the portals of her paradise beauty

all things divine in the mind of eye dream,
even sorrows serene paint a scene of beauty pristine
for the warm arms of compassionate HeArt I Am

a Dream is but a stream
of a reality unseen
by the linear time mind of I

a scene of beauty pristine, painting
skies ablaze in fluorescent rain,
crystal cascades, deep waters jade

spider mind

there’s fire in my heart that blazes the beat of mystics and sages,
poet, princes, and magi’s. From ancient earths, golden ages.
I wander through the starry sky mazes, my mind’s open spaces,
higher realms, other phases, in crystalline places
where the Muses and Graces all glow in amazement.

Lying on my back, eye gaze deep into the morse code zodiac,
dreamin’ in song about the coming of a new dawn.
I close my lids to melt my mind then shed my skin to blend right in
to the holy holographic fractal fabric, where I dream weave sacred seed
geometry, thought forms into tapestry with my spider mind playground poesy.
It travels light speed, i speak my creed, my heartbeat in verse.
I look out from the inside of divine mirrors, in reverse.

When divine mind’s unleashed, you can’t map it. All in the maya’s holographic
We’re blazin sacred fires in caves, resurrecting ancients from graves.
Gettin ritual with the druids, they knew us, they’re telling of the secrets
to unglue us from the matrix, the womb, to liberate our souls from the tomb
and unwind our minds from the iron age shackles of time.

Perpetually in wonder of infinity in it’s infancy,
i spiral like Fibonacci through primordial seas,
aligning my mind with the whims of the wind’s speed
while my echoing eyes wander down the mirrored Halls of Amenti

I slip in and out the keyholes in the doors of perception,
sippin on Dream Tea sonnets sung by Kurt Cobain Vonnegut
served chilled in a chalice. Don’t believe it? Just go ask Alice.

Or use the looking glass, follow the rabbit, ask the queen.
Or did you forget to question reality, since you were
spoon-fed that vice grip for your head by your pal TV?
You’re all boxed up, got a suffocated brain, been washed mundane.
Your imagination’s in chains, it’s gone lame, where’s your flame?

Thank the Illuminati, or did you they teach you to distrust conspiracy?
While you were you busy with your HBO, NetFlix, and your piracy,
they pulled the wool over your third eye, drowning you in the Red Sea,
floatin you down the River Styx. Brother please. Go back to sleep sheep.
Yeah there’s no veil, nor evil. Just Evil Dead on prime time to wipe
your Mind from your head, then fill it with cobwebs instead.

Now give those feathered things, your forgotten wings, a flap.
Those ones you spot forgot on your back, there’s too much slack,
lace em tight like Nikes, do the Hermes, take flight. Spiral up
and Spiral out, spin about through the constellation star map.
Activate that OBE, ignite that spirit and set it free.
Extra-celestials gettin’ terrestrial, soarin to the higher planes
with higher mind, into that paradise where all is Love and Beauty Divine.

swinging from carnival star strings, that great trapeze
of consciousness unleashed, imagination unsheathed,
surfing on cosmic waves of fantastic seas, not fantasy

the art of manifestation is in the magic of imagination. this divine power
of creation bears fruit to loosen the serpent noose wrapped about the the golden
egg hidden in the tool shed, in the basement, underneath the pavement.
In that Jungian cellar, where lies the shadowy dweller, I go within to unveil her.
my anima, my amorphesa celexa, my high plane drifta, she’s a shape shifta

I get aesthetic in the aethers, connecting dots, finger painting inkblots.
I spiral out like Fibonacci, expand my mind like a Mandelbrot,
tracin the zodiac star map, quantum leapin through time in rewind.
I swing from the second hand of the first clock, atomic
My mayan mind’s metronomic, I see life from all angles existing
in between the spectrum of the swing. I got divine ciphers symphonic
decryptin the mysteries entombed in mother’s golden womb,
in the crystal akashic, cryptic apocalyptic, tic tic boom!
Oh shit, there went that magic mushroom plume!