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twindigo twinferno

Note: the following is a short, a primrose prose, under construction, evermormph… what you see is a work in progress, always with an ellipsis sea. is any fantasea every writ in stone? nay tis of the tree, evermorph it grows with the seasons as they flow. erase, rewrite, debate… such is the ebb and flow of life, it dances as the wind blows, knowing nothing of ice or snow

Once upon a time,
sang the Seraphim about the
Sam I Am Siamese Twins,
The Twindigo’s, two indigo
souls of brilliance all aglow

Born of two spines,
yet Kundalini intertwined
like a Bacchus grape vine.
Their birth, divine,
akin to water made wine

These two did seed and vine
about each other’s spine
to forever be beside one another
unified in time in Time.

this here, tis the tale
the tail of the siamese sphynx
one heart beating in time
one quill swirling in rhyme
one flame ablaze in a
shamballa’s shrine

the divine plan at hand:
to seed true love on earth,
end the karmic cycle,
bring alpha to omega
to form a circle and close the loop
in one radiohead street spirit

alpha won omega zero
to soul weave into form,
these sperms spun in twine,
wrapped and hugged tight,
in angst about this flight,
to take the Plunge in birth
and seed on Planet Earth
oh so far from Paradise Home

Upon the birth of the twins,
their love did spiral and spin,
twisting time into a moebius from line

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.
But you are the eternity and you are the mirror
~ Kahlil Gibran ~


Do you remember Paradise? Do you remember what it was like before choosing to reincarnate in human form just to have the challenge of forgetting that you are the very embodiment of a creatrix Goddess or creator God, immersed in a reality where you feel subject to the whims of the wind? Have you had the experience of awakening, where your wildest dreams begin to blossom and manifest in your waking life and you begin to see yourself for who you truly are, a God or Goddess guised in human dress? Have you ever shared this experience with your mirror, your twin?
It’s as though you have become the screenwriter in a celestial romance that spans all time. You’re every experience is inundated with such synchronicity, such profundity, it’s as if the cosmos has some Divine plan for you that’s unfolding in real time before your very eyes. Such is the way when twin flames rekindle while incarnation. A sweeping madness arises overwhelming twins when they finally find each other and rekindle the eternal flame of Love the two have shared for aeons. The mundane world fades while the Paradise of being in Love pervades.

In the words of Alan Watts, “the most common psychotic experience is falling in love. While to fall in love is one of the most fantastic experiences in life, there is absolutely no method and no school which can teach people how to fall in love. You fall in love in the same way as you grow ears, and there is no school for growing ears. But if you’re lucky and you’re human you have ears, and if you’re lucky and you’re human, in the course of life, you undergo the experience of falling in love and when it happens, it is unmistakable and tremendous and you see in a very ordinary woman, an incarnation of the Goddess. The question is, you are certainly not sane when you see this, because she is just an ordinary girl. But actually, the veils have been taken from your eyes, and you have seen one human being as in fact they really are.
But you are of course quite mad. All inspired vision of poetry, drama, of dancing, music, is a certain kind of madness. But this is madness and madness. As there is a difference between madness and bunk.

Have you ever met a Beauty so delicate, so pristine,
that being in their presence is nothing short of a dream?
a beauty so surreal, your words jarble and jingle
as though you are gazing at a chrome sunset pirouette
You are overcome by a sweeping madness,
where mundane reality has given way to
a Paradise purely surreal?
Beyond being captivated by the Beauty,
you find that there is some sort of mysterious
connection between you and
all breath escapes, and you’re left with nothing
with nothing more than the sensation of
being in the presence of divinity itself…

Well, let me tell ya,
I have. And the words
certainly do jarble and jingle
when you find yourself
in Love as the say.
What an Egnimatic Machine love is
All reason escapes,
all sense is lost,
but Love pervades.
Without Reason, itsimply is.
So we Fall in Love,
and the words jarble and jingle…


Ethereal moved into the flat next-door across the breezeway line of symmetry. She moved into a unit across the mirror, as Pi put it. Two mirror shotgun flats, side by side, at the end of a dead end street. Longview. Two flats atop a hillside trimmed in walls of bamboo. Quite the little nook, a diamond in the rough no doubt. This magical villa almost seemed to have fallen straight from the Heavens. She moved into the Villa Paradise 8 months after Pisces.

The shotguns. Early 1900s European architecture. Stucco walls, wonky wooden floors, single paned windows with sky blue checker trim. In Pi’s abode, an eerily stained mirror built into the wall of his laboratory. It seemed to have captured the souls of all those into whom it peered over its 100 year life. This Pisces liked. He had an affinity for the eerie, the spooky, the paranormal, the morbid, the unconventional, the avante garde. So ghosts didn’t irk him much. In fact, he had developed a rapport with many a spirit throughout his life. Pisces contemplated death and stared eternity in the face at a very young age. A once deeply unsettling notion, now tattooed to his back. His only tattoo. The only truth, he often claims. A fundamental philosophy of his. Time Eternal in Presence. Reincarnation. Infinite possibility. Infinite parallel dimensions. Infinite truths. Subjective. All true. All not. Both true, depending on your view. Sea Side. Sky high. No limits. In the words of Richard Bach, “Argue for your limitations, and surely they’ll be yours”

The villa. Much character lie in these two shotguns laying side by side, across the mirror divide, at the end of this quiet street. The silence, the stillness, so full of possibility. Two shotguns full of potential. Two shotguns locked and loaded. Pellets of Aphrodite pearls encased in Golden sea shells.


Divine Love electrified the Air and in the skies at night, the Pisces did stare. It was summer. Phoenix sunrises, dog day afternoons, moonlight sonatas, and midsummer night’s dreams. Did you know Dog Day Afternoon actually has Celestial allusion? An expression referring to the star Sirius, derived from Greek seirios, meaning “scorching,” the most brilliant star in the Heavens during the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere. Constellation Canis Major. Home to Isis, Supreme Goddess of Creation. Goddess of Majestic Beauty, Passion, Love and Magic Divine. Mother to All, Daughter to None; The One. Isis Aphrodite Asherah.

It was a summer of Love. It was a summer of Infinite potential. A Renaissance of sorts. The restoration of the Divine Feminine to her rightful place on the throne. A restoration of harmony, a rebalancing of the Yin Yang Libra Scales. Twas time for Divine Mother to make her return and Heal the destructive primal tendencies of a male dominated, rationalistic, materialist mankind, severed from the Divine. Twas time for Sprit to receive the nourishment that had been long neglected.

That summer, the clouds parted. The Gates to the Heavens opened. A new Divine Law was in effect. One was, for the first time in Earth history, given their very own quill to scribe their very own book of Personal Paradise. For the first time in history, soul contracts had been dissolved and the karmic cycle had been broken. Earthlings were bequeathed the Divine right to envision, design, and experience their very own Paradise. No strings attached. Slates wiped; blank scripts gifted. Twas a time for all to embrace and manifest their own Personal Holographic Reality. A time to Lower the Heavens and manifest Dreams in Waking Life. The stage was set. The curtains drawn. Twas time for Grand Dramas and Comedies to ensue. Twas time for Eros harpoon to shoot the Moon.

excerpt: sculptress creatrix

Poised on the bench beside he, long limber legs crossed, Ethereal slowly drew smoke from a cigarette delicately resting between her long elegant fingers. She had the fingers of a pianist, the hands of a sculptress, and the mind of divine creatrix. She could sculpt the very Statue of David while blindfolded! Her hands bled into the very fabric of space with no apparent separation. A deep, intimate understanding of the Forms this young prodigy had. In fact, for many years Ethereal would sculpt while blindfolded to perfect her craft and train her hands to have eyes. A method she learned while studying as an apprentice in Greece under the wing of Madame Solaris, a master of the classical artists.

excerpt: on books and lovely looks

One sunny day, Pi and Ethereal managed to exchange a few words while Pi took his daily stroll up the block to smoke and reflect. Ethereal’s attire that day drew his eye. Free spirit no doubt. Bed head, super sexy locks strewn about. very einstein. An artist to the core she was! A being of essence! Spiritually Attuned! Poet. Painter. Sculptor. Philosopher. A Mirror he seemed to find in she! Such intrigue!

Chit chat ensued. School this. Cosmos that. Astronomy this. Astrology that.

P: So how’s school coming along?

E: Pretty good. Suuuuper busy though. I’m taking XYZ and Astronomy. Got a paper due next week.

P: Really? Righteous. I’ll feed ya some cosmic info worth takin a peak at! So much out there
right now it’s incredible! S’like a candy store of high vibe info!

E: Awesome! Please do! I could use it!

P: Bada Bing! You got it little lady

breeze. tumbleweed. rustling leaves

The two celestial familial yet unfamiliar Souls enjoyed their moments of silence in each other’s presence. It seemed as though they could coexist in bliss beside one another without ever having to say a word. This the magic in sorcery. This the beauty in telepathy. This the language of the Heart. The unspoken language of Love. The resonance of silence in harmony. Electric Current Sea Streams. EMF Field of Dreams. Heart’s Code. Entangled Minds. Time Divine.

Yet, of overdrive mind, in fear of losing the convo whilst clinging to the rare opportunity to interact with the Secret Woman, Pi quickly scavenged for a follow up….

P: “Soooo uhh do you eat lunch on campus?”

E: Nahhh, I generally come home to eat in between classes.

P: Ahh, right on. So what all are you taking again this semester?

E: Well Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I have W from alpha to beta and X from gamma to delta. Tuesday Thursday I have Y at epsilon, and Z at Sigma. I generally don’t get home until Omega. They’re my long days.

P: Oh no, really?! Well shit…on MWF you should try staying on campus for lunch!
Bring a good read! Perhaps something by Meed.
Books! I’ve got oodles! Pack a lunch! A cracker and a cup-o-noodles!
Lay out in the grass in between class!
Take a stroll through the campus maze, explore the Forty Acres and graze!
Soak up some rays! You gotta savor these days!

Ethereal’s eyes glowed iridescent, enchanted by the dance of Pi’s tongue. What an odd little creature he is! From his mouth foams magic fizz! I like this game!

“Yes yes I should you’re right! Sounds delightful! I am gonna do that. So whatchya got to read…”

Pi’s purple pupils dilate, opening wide to the glow of the radiant indigo.

“Ohhhh, don’t even get me started girl!…I’m reading this one right now…you wouldn’t believe…shiiit is Iiiiinsaaane!… Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy…well…I’ve read it before…well most of it…back in ‘09…I came across it randomly once upon a time…Half Price Books…bright yellow cover, plastic yellow spiral spinal bind, typewriter print. An odd find, no doubt. It literally whispered as I thumbed its pages. Buy Me. We’re meant to be. I later came to find my name was written on the inside cover with invisible ink. Anyway, I learned the techniques…contacted the Heavens…literally shifted to a Parallel Paradise…well, it’s actually a long story. I’ll tell you about it sometime. I’m gonna write it too. One day…

Oh and I’m reading this other one too. Called About a Girl…well…really I’m writing it…actually I’m writing and walking inside it at the same time…kind of magical. logistics get a bit confusing at times, but nonetheless magical. Real mind blower. Perpetual mystery and adventure. You know Einstein said there is no better thing in life than living in the mystery. In not knowing. Who wants to know? Where’s the amazement if nothing left to discover beneath the snow? Who wants an Easter Bunny that doesn’t hide eggs? Or a Sphinx riddle that doesn’t have any legs? Who wants a preassembled jigsaw spread?

Anyhoot, the book….About a Girl. Motif: Nirvana verse Maya…Paradise verse Veil….uhhhh, Illusion verse Ill-Lose-Shun. Manifest Destiny verse Divine Will. Free Will verse Fate. Free Verse verse Prose. Prose verse Rose. Poets Tree verse Forestry. Pan verse Labyrinth. Maze verse Pot. Kettle verse PennyRoyal Tea. Holographic verse Virtual. Reality verse Ra Allah Tree of Life. The Sound of a Leaf Falling in the Woods sans Ear sincere verse the Fall of a RedWood Man on Thanksgiving. Neo verse One. Live verse Evil. Undead Head verse eyeMortal Avatar. Angels versus Demons. Eye verse You. You verse Double You. Universe Cyclops. Multiplicity verse singularity. No Thing verse Note Strings. Alpha verse Omega. Love Lost verse Paradise Found. To Be or Not to Be.

Make sense? It’s a bit convoluted but what True Romance isn’t? Amirite my Starry Night?!

Jostling Ethereal’s effeminate limb with a nudge of his Thinker. “Amirite or AmIright?…heh…anyway…”

So elevated by her presence, so amplified by her vibration, Pi’s mindless minutia meandered for daze!

“So it’s like passing through the Doors of Perception, walking blindfolded through the Pearly Gates of Heaven and Hell, then skipping cross stepping stones traversing the Brave New World rapids, wondering Why do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, but never seeing where your footsteps might land.

Its’s a bit of a Merry Go Round. Ephemeral. Very in the moment. Very Stream of Consciousness. Keep’s it exciting! Audience on edge of seat. Keeps em guessing. Keeps em present…Presence! That’s the ticket! The very key to a joyous Life. Ever read Power of Now? Ugh, don’t even get me started…

So the trick is to convince the mind that Hell is Veil. That life is a dance. A drama. A play. A work of Art. Ideally a masterpiece. Shakespearean rewrite. Try to avoid tragedy. See it as a Grand Andromeda Ant Drama Divine Comedy. Each breath, a stroke of brush. Each thought, a swirl on palette. Colors. Primary, Secondary, Third Eye. Illumine each stroke with Heart. See it as guided in the direction of Paradise, always landing in the Celestial Realm, stepping on Blarney Stones as you cross the rapids. At times you may appear to step into Hell. This is actually Veil, just misspelt. Just a side step, not miss. You gotta operate the healm with Heart mind though. Use Consciousness. Use knowingness. Dip in Love and Swirl your quill about. It’s your very own realtime book of Paradise. Use consciousness to write. Brain gets confused. Brain collides with Iceberg. Consciousness sails right through it, holographic. Right through and down into Atlantis, back into the perceived past. The days of the Titans. Try to Avoid Titanic fates. Erase, rewrite, debate. See Yoga of Time Travel. Waltzing in the dark is a lil spooky at times, but if you ain’t livin on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.

AnyVroom, I’ll read it to ya sometime when I’m done…I tend to ramble. I figure it’s probably better to start writing instead. A more welcoming alternative I s’pose to me drowning innocent bystanders in my endless streams of storyline dreams. If anyone cares to peak inside MR MS Hurricane mind, they can crack my brook instead of hearing me babble.

Back to lunchtime books though. One of my favs, no doubt, Holographic Universe…Michael Talbot….shit is farrr out…
may be a little thick at first read…
but I assure you,
hidden in the brainstems
there’s Flowers and Gems
riddled beneath the weeds!…

excerpt: Major Lazer Saber

Pi came home that evening and in typical routine, grabbed his pencil and pad from inside the house to take his seat outside on the back porch to write underneath the stars. This was his time to reflect. His time to try to clothe the unseen in verbal garmet. To capture the essence of that which transcends words. Poetry the only tool designed for such a feat. Emotions in motion; dancing to the rhyme and rhythm of the Poet mind.

He reflected on the magic that transpired between the two souls. He often called it magic, because his heart stirred as if inside a magician’s top hat. Swirled by his magic wand, then poof! Out came a bunny rabbit! Bippity boppin’ along at an up-tempo beat. He reflected. Took a gaze at the glowing starmaze in the crisp clear summer night sky. My word. Unbelievable. What in god’s name is happening? How could so many strange things be tied to this mysterious gal neighbor of mine? What is it that she represents? Why has she come into my life and I hers? Why with such complications afoot?

He decided, just out of curiosity, to scan Amazon for the “light saber” the two discussed and see if they even existed and just how much they might cost. Search box. Enter. Poof! Magic! In the scroll of search results, three items down, Pi scanned, his eyes opened wide, and his jaw dropped to the floor, “Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Lightsaber?! You’ve got to be shittin me! He quietly whispered, so as not to wake the neighbors, as it was now past three in the morning. It was picturesque, the look on his face. He froze, his mouth gaping, eyes wide as day as his laptop beamed his face with that awkward LED glow. That glow that says, it’s late, I should probably be in bed fast asleep, but I can’t seem to unglue my eyes from this monitor! I can’t seem to quit consuming. I’m a ravage beast. A starving sponge, yet already saturated — indicative of an almost guilty pleasure… Hi my name is Pi…I’m an info-holic….Hiiii Piiii…

Yet another synchronicity. Random impulse. Follow down rabbit hole. Search “light saber.” Boom! Milton! The name that would curse him for months to come. Of course to any other person, it was just a strange coincidence. So what? To Pi, coincidence was an agnostic’s way of slathering a big ugly label on the face of a Dali. A cop out for the pessimists, the jaded, and the hopeless. They proudly denied the existence of divine anything. They were above mystery. They were almighty scientists! Only fools believed in magic. But to Pi, it was a sign from the Heavens – a message flown down from Olympus carried on the winged feet and present-ed in the very palms of Hermes himself. But a sign of what, this he did not know. In this lay the mystery. A mystery only time could unveil.

The weekend passed, Pi unable to shake his head from the clouds. Whilst again meandering through the netscapes, he came across an email from a favorite author of his. Eckhart Tolle. See Power of Now; Stillness Speaks, New Earth. Subject: Need help with your contribution to ‘MILTON’S SECRET – THE MOVIE – from the book by ECKHART TOLLE’? Again, his jaw dropped, eyes widened, pupils dilated. You’ve gotta be shittin me! He laughed aloud like a madman. My god, no one would believe it if I told em! What on Earth…?! Milton’s Secret?! As synchronicities began to pop up in greater frequency, Pi’s life grew ever more fantasy.

excerpt: Fencing Under the Stars: En-Garde!

P: Oh, I used to do it all the time…These days you’ll remember forever! Trust me. Get out there. Meet some peeps. SO many interesting people. You’re attending the greatest university in the world filled with nuts, nerds, eccentrics and birds!

I: “I know! I’m loving it so far. Classes are pretty awesome. Got some pretty cool profs…“Ooooh, and I wanna join the fencing club!” Etheral exclaimed

Pi’s eyes lit up! “Fencing?! Really?! That would be awesome! I learned to fence when I was a young lad! Did this pentathlon summer camp thing…Loved it! You should definitely join! And we should totally fence sometime!”

Pisces now swimming in a sea of potential energy. Electric Current seas. Potential Love. His mind stewed, churned and brewed. Wow! More common ground found with this little Indigo flower mound! Over such an uncommon activity, no less! How strange. How exciting.

He could barely contain himself. How much fun it would be to get to know this mysterious young gal. So much depth to she. Pisces could swim in her mysterious seas and pick her brain for an eternity! Creative types always have something fresh, uncanny, or avante garde to speak about. Conversation rarely lulls between such old souls.

“Oh my god, we totally should! I would love that!” Ethereal exclaimed. So animated. So full of life. Ethereal looked Pi in the eye, as though she was to plant a seed in the depths of his deep sea soul and water it with her stargaze. She locked eyes with he and positioned herself in traditional fencing stance, to which he mirrored.

After setting the stage and commanding his attention, Ethereal declared authoritatively, “See here Pi, this is how it’s going to go: I’m going to advance, you’re going to retreat.”

From what is technically termed Passive position, the ever so vibrant Ethereal playfully lunged toward Pisces swiftly in attack, as if targeting his very heart with her invisible sabre. Having fallen victim in his past to his surrealist visions of Divine Love having gone awry in past lives, he thrawted her eros attack. A calculated being of meticulous maneuvers and deliberate action, he protected his heart at all costs. This advance of hers, he did deflect….for now

Pisces parry. Indigo pause. The two souls immersed in a timeless sea of presence and infinite possibility. Pisces mind raced. Ethereal’s heart paced. These two dreamers, these two old souls yet youthful Lovers, full of dreams and visions of future Paradise in Parallel. These here expert experientialist, froze in time; inundated by the electricity in the air. Arm hairs erect. Hearts aglow. The moment lasted for one Eternity. Bliss rained from the sky as the two Lovers locked by Eye.

Or perhaps this was Pisces poetic way of perceiving the playful nature of the young blood, albeit suspiciously innocent for such a seemingly wise and equally calculated soul. This perplexing reflection, the perpetual curse suffered by the visionary Pi.

The moment froze in time Divine. Holographic screenshot, snapshot, slapshot, 3rd hole, back of the net! Sparrow glow, Cellar Door Doe, Score on the Ice, Dreams of Falling Snow! Honey Bee Buzzz buzzer Zing, Bada Bing! Tally one up for the home team(s)! Both sides! For in the Mirror, exists no divide! Eros Arrow trajectory shot the moon with Pinpoint precision! Needle plucked right from the haystack! Love projections shot at the speed of Thoth!

The zesty drama ensued. The Sublime Lime Chime rang Sub Lemon frequent seas. Subliminal morph Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill. Upon the completion of the Eternity in Bliss, Ethereal continued to marionette, Pi more than happy to play puppet. “Then you’re going to advance, and I’m going to retreat!”

MixMaster Maharaja mirrored the movements of Mira Mirage Mirasol’s Soul. Parrying her invisible saber, he made a swift counter toward Etheral, piercing her sternum, penetrating her heart. Pi foiled the radiant Indigo’s attempt at first strike with her Eros. A direct and deliberate defense of her calculated move toward his vulnerable Heart.

Hahaaa!” Pisces thought, “Try to pierce my heart, Young Blood?! I darest thou, my dearest! I assure you it beats ever so deep and bleeds ever so profuse, yet protected by a shield of Gold it is! It remains locked in my treasure chest! A Pandora’s Box it is! Insurgents beware! These here contents come with no receipt. Batteries not included. This here Pandora’s Box houses a perpetual love machine! Once activated, it cannot be stopped. Tis a ticking time bomb! roaring rollercoaster. magic carpet. Genie in a bottle! Please email with inquiries concerning condition, history, price, or to schedule a viewing. Serious buyers only please.”

The two seemed to dance in harmony as though acting out a script that had been written by the very Cosmos itself, yet never read by either of the two young Dreamweavers. It seemed to be written on the walls of their very hearts. These two skydancers here, were creating real-time art. Poetry in motion it. Love has this affect. It makes the heart soul sing and coo to the moon. Love dilates pupils so copius Love streams outpouring from Lover’s eyes can be swallowed in volume. Each soul desiring to drink as much from the other’s heart as possible per brief moment in time eternal, whilst the two waltzing in their shared sacred space.

Etheral continued, “Then I’m going to advance, and you’re going to retreat.”

The repetition of the notion seemed to both confound and excite the quick witted Pisces. His mind raced. Did this charming bird intend to say what I heard? Or am I again falling victim to a hopeless romantic’s sublime interpretation of innocent banter. Did she intend the double entendre?

Was she mapping out the days, weeks, and months to come? Had she seen the future? Is she guiding him towards a common path into the future the two lovers were destined to share? The answer to the riddle posed by none other than the great Sphinx lied in the mind of Cronos, keeper of Time.

As Cronus drew back the curtains of time, the cordial neighbors rowed down separate streams into future storyline dreams. Would the streams converge? Is there a common delta leading out into the vast Ocean in the Heart of the Deep Pi Seas? So row, row, row they did, each in secret, fingers crossed, hoping that what was said was true. Hoping that life was in fact but a Dream.

excerpt: The Curse

As time passed and the summer days shortened, their lack of interaction, their separation only seemed to strengthen the attraction betwixt the magnetic zeroes. This is the essence of Dynamic Systems and Controls. Transience. Introduce Impulse. Amplify vibrations in oscillation. Analyze signal. Modulate to desired stream. Steady State. Only Love in the Flume. Clean Signal

In the Mind of Pi, every song seemed to sing her name. Every song seemed to speak his story. Was this madness? Or was this some sort of Divine Alignment with a Paradise existing in a Parallel Universe? Was Pisces lifelong Dream slowly unfolding before his very Eyes? Could it be true? Were the Heavens actually being lowered to the face of the Earth and merging with his waking state? Was Pisces really walking inside a dream from an awakened state? This would have to be the most Lucid dream ever recorded in the Akashic! He could no longer separate that which he dreamt of from that which he experienced when he appeared to wake from bed. It appeared that he was actually living a dream inside a Dream!

Pisces wary yet hopeful, continued to write his book of Paradise and continued to write his Twin into his story, in hopes that she would eventually leap from the pages of her own seemingly troubled book of Paradise Lost into his ever so fantastically dreamy book of Paradise Found. He was writing it for her. You see, Pisces already lived a Paradise lifestyle, bachelor or not. A significant other was not of concern to Pisces. He was in fact, quite content living the life of a bachelor. The Power of Now Pisces sought no fulfillment from the future. Pisces lived each breath, each moment, each social engagement to the fullest. Although his Dokkōdō lifestyle served him well, Pisces was a dreamer. His Utopian dreams of a potential reality in Paradise were both his blessing and his curse. Pisces would settle for nothing less than Divinity yet his Quest for the Heavens seemed to have no end. He would settle for nothing less than magic. Nothing less than supernatural. Anything that had a hint of a scent that didn’t fit the smell of Paradise, Pisces steered clear. He avoided engaging in emotional attachments that were bound to end in suffering. He was polyamorous to the point of adopting it as not only a lifestyle of his, but a personal philosophy to which he often testified was the Tao. To Pisces, attachment was the source of all suffering. In particular, growing attached to the comfort produced by the presence or company of any particular female, raised red flags in the eyes of Pi. Having heart

Any well-educated pseudo psychologist knew that this was his way of coping with and avoiding heart break, although he convinced himself that he did not need to receive Love and that he could thrive on giving it. He often claimed that his Joy was others Joy. He leeched of the excitement that he could bring to others. He often sought those in need of hope so he could contaminate them with his Optimism. He loved unconditionally. Perpetually. Or so he thought. He was unsure whether he ever would have an exclusive relationship for the rest of his life. And this he preferred. He convinced others and convinced his very Heart of this truth. This he believed in the depths of his soul. This he did believe until the little Libra Indigo came waltzing into his life. Ever so gracefully. Ever so casually. Ever so innocuous. Ever so subtle. Ever so sublime.

Without you my dear, in lives past,
I sought you out in all lands vast,
In all forests, tundras, deserts,
jungles and seas
I found you nowhere love,
but I saw thine beauty
In all of sacred space.

I yearned to hear your voice and see thee
But I found it nowhere. I professed,
I carry you in my heart, yes,
But to see not your face
And to feel not your human dress
None such life do eye desire

I sank myself to the bottom of the sea
Where I slept chained to the ocean floor
I called to you dearest,
It’s your turn to find me,
I’m exhausted my love
I shall rest here and wait for thee,
And I shall not move an inch.
And so I sank, and anchored,
And fell asleep into a beautiful dream
my weary heart finally at rest, my ego slept
and I became one with the sea

I do say, it is by day that I sleep
And in my dreams I awake
What more can I profess to thee,
And for what reason, is this reality?
Why mine eyes leak more
Why third time strike
What is this romantic’s curse I birthed

How I heard thine voice in my mind
How I felt thine being in our bed
Without you is a life I dread