beloved brain, though i love you so

heart of mine, mind of heart
take stage to speak thy art
brain of mine,
though blessed tool, and I do profess divine,
find solace in thy silence, find rest
how often you blossom
such convoluted tests,
such uninvited guests

though I love you so, your circles must go
thy power is clear, and this I hold dear,
yet wisdom, as you well know,
does find its home in thy neighbor,
dwelling ever so near

beloved brain, with your companion games,
surrender to the dancing flames
of thy sister heart,
for she is true master of all things art

take gaze as she floats in the wind
knowing nothing of here nor there
nor the faces of clocks, offering blank stares.
of such maya, heart has not a sliver of care

blessed heart, blessed mind
as one we spread our wings and sail
to that elysium ever so nigh,
hidden just beyond the veil

blessed heart, blessed mind
only together do we transcend time
to rise above tempest swells
into sacred realms where Beauty dwells
and paradise forever reigns divine