i am fish

I am fish, and
with my fins I swim
inside the liquid limbs
of the sun’s brainstem

I am fish and in my seas
there are no trees,
but my heart does dream
to find my breeze
and live the life of a leaf

I am fish, and you
my dove I want to kiss
this is my wish,
but I am fish
and life’s a stream
of broken dreams
and sorrows pristine

here is my heart,
it fell apart
so i made a collage,
a scrambled piece of art.
you can see it
if you’d like.
it’s nothing much,
it’s just a start

there’s a love in me,
it swells and it grows,
with no place to go,
it overflows, sometimes
spilling out my eyes,
you know?
for inside my chest,
my heart hath not home

I am fish
to share my heart
this is my wish