maya steamheart:
eye lay here now
in limbo with scars of heart;
singed by your light
branded by your name.
your soul, your words, forever
burned into mind’s eye

cigarette burn film, a looping reel
looking back, oh so surreal.
eye the projectionist
no audience, no matter.
task at hand: retroactive scripting
to an abstract short
of mandlebrots, ink blots
and jackson pollock peacocks
of stop motion oceans crashing on cliffs
but now fixed in time lapse. ellipsis eclipse

stomach once so full, so eager to share
i cannot shake this resurgent despair

i must emote, this is my way
sea reap perhaps, yet care i not
for heart’s in trance when
marionetting finger dance
eye but a manikin for heart

eye am pisces eye am poet
with cursed heart,
wouldn’t ya know it

heart wants nothing more
than to spill its art
i wanted fill your stomach blue;
a bait and switch,
hope for love trident true

my musings of love
are nothing more
than such, i do implore
sea reap, i detest
i am that i am
and from this umbilical,
i beg of rest.

entangled net
visions so pristine
to put lyric to visions,
a daunting task
yet in this,
my memories shall last…

once upon a breeze
eye cast an apple eye jay bird
for my heart songs of the babbling brook
i cast to westerly winds on phase

heart morph fingers of key
locket pillow squirrels
from squires mouth
preemptive ignoramus eye

the wind sixteen whispered back
nay friend, that breeze you blew
in the direction of I am
this eye understand
Apollo eye not friend
thine dance of tongue I like!

i melt in thought
shedding skin to sprit swim
in the deep sea’s bliss.
gazing the Eyes of Isis
afoot at stairs with books
i melt in thought.
i melt.
i fade. into you.
into your abyss.
with glitzy eyes
spiraled wide
i kiss

to ponder the poinsettia
minding not the rain
blew my mind,
something awesome insane

thine voice still breezes mind
in a spiral spin winding wind
i beg the heavens,
free me from this skin
that I may be with my kin
that mind my submerge
and rest from streams

for this human suit,
both friend and foe
oh how an artist’s heart
blazes in snow

what I know of future, nill
eye know nothing more than this page
and memories washing ashore
in high tides under full moons
so fond, such sorrow,
so fond what’s morrow
tis but a dream

i cracked and split into a parallel
outside of time where visions divine
of I and Thou supreme in dream
i could not parse from present reality

<Cold Cave – Confetti, amazing track>

eye saw dark lay nigh
and worried dear
that you were in fear
I sensed danger and thee I tried to save
heroic delusions, morph demon eater
I fucked up.

I just wanted to share
my colors with you.
I’m sorry blue.