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twindigo twinferno

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.
But you are the eternity and you are the mirror
~ Kahlil Gibran ~

Once upon a time,
sang the Seraphim about the
Sam I Am Siamese Twins,
The Twindigo’s, two indigo
souls of brilliance all aglow

Born of two spines,
yet Kundalini intertwined
like a Bacchus grape vine.
Their birth, divine,
akin to water made wine

These two did seed and vine
about each other’s spine
to forever be beside one another
unified in time in Time.

this here, tis the tale
the tail of the siamese sphynx
one heart beating in time
one quill swirling in rhyme
one flame ablaze in a
shamballa’s shrine

the divine plan at hand:
to seed true love on earth,
end the karmic cycle,
bring alpha to omega
to form a circle and close the loop
in one radiohead street spirit

alpha won omega zero
to soul weave into form,
these sperms spun in twine,
wrapped and hugged tight,
in angst about this flight,
to take the Plunge in birth
and seed on Planet Earth
oh so far from Paradise Home

Upon the birth of the twins,
their love did spiral and spin,
twisting time into a moebius from line

Without you my dear, in lives past,
I sought you out in all lands vast,
In all forests, tundras, deserts,
jungles and seas
I found you nowhere love,
but I saw thine beauty
In all of sacred space.

I yearned to hear your voice and see thee
But I found it nowhere. I professed,
I carry you in my heart, yes,
But to see not your face
And to feel not your human dress
None such life do eye desire

I sank myself to the bottom of the sea
Where I slept chained to the ocean floor
I called to you dearest,
It’s your turn to find me,
I’m exhausted my love
I shall rest here and wait for thee,
And I shall not move an inch.
And so I sank, and anchored,
And fell asleep into a beautiful dream
my weary heart finally at rest, my ego slept
and I became one with the sea

I do say, it is by day that I sleep
And in my dreams I awake
What more can I profess to thee,
And for what reason, is this reality?
Why mine eyes leak more
Why third time strike
What is this romantic’s curse I birthed

How I heard thine voice in my mind
How I felt thine being in our bed
Without you is a life I dread