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afloat_i wind_to_your_heart

By December 12, 2015February 27th, 2017love, poetry

afloat i wind to your heart
can a noun verb without you?
can echoes project a reflection
without the hearts convection?
or the nectar of the lips confection?
can a turnstile dip over the moonset
rising red delicious heart wave nets
to trickle spark ignite bright
light widening third eye sight?

remember when we forgot about
yestertheres everywhen the now drew in?
your crown of roses and white linen slip
adorned divine, your beauty
literally blowing my mind
into multiverses sans time?

there’s a lotta dark I removed
there’s a lot that translates
within the blue
the vapid the decay
the desolate the mundane
the heart stained,
the hypno-tele-vised
bleached brained
the begging razors
to scratch the record
wicca wicca slit slice
bleed out and quill ink dye
rest mind, on the needle
to tip the scales of a heart
not broken but of natural hue,
an au naturel patina’d black and blue
such is the stain of life’s innate bruise

soppy shoes, nappy sneaks, sweat soaked
sheets from a night in the underworlds heat.
demon tricks, shield auric field,
separate, incinerate, take a drag, ash flick
thinekth eye, surely this aint my matrix

drifting in and out to give a fuck less
about a materialist existence pure godless.
suffocating on time in rewind,
watching the date tick and tock
smoke a cigarette, squint an eye,
burn the clock,

where’s tink?

give two fucks about a shit
that isn’t your heart.
give two fucks about a shit
when I’m not dreaming about
kissing your pretty pink lips.
give two fucks about a shit
that isn’t I love the fuck out yoos
my little walking talking flower,
my baby boo, my dearest blue.

earthbound chains and linear time games
limited. confined. mindless insane.
I come from realms beyond language,
you wanna hear me spit game?
you wanna hear me speak my name?
u wanna feel my heart blaze?
you wanna feel my flame?
I come from the formless, the void,
realms pure grace that cannot be destroyed,
from Heavens most sacred covens
I am extra-celestial, a walk-in terrestrial.
I am divine
Born of Isis, I come from House Osiris
older than dirt, my soul ancient
my heart-mind glows for my goddess, its god-sent,
the keys to sacred cyphers I grip in my fist
divine love, high magic, supreme tantra my shtick

with silver tongue I dance and
dreamweave puns in the cunning
slithery slit posy pink drip lips
slipping and sliding through
the heavenly portal adorning
the space between your thighs

my heart’s down for goddess games
count me in for eternities on end
I’ve got nothing but love sublime
and a linguists tongue
begging to come undone,
to tickle the the skin
of my most beloved twin

our love so hot, when you’re on top
the tops of thermometers we pop
when we kiss, stars pale in the golden
white light we blaze when our souls ignite

can ya dig on the implications? get the gist?
through your flower, your posy
I slip between your lips, they’re rosy.
you’ve got a cosmic tight grip,
elixir in perpetual drip
I’m grabbing your hips
spreading your thighs
igniting your soul with my
earthshaking thunderous slide
our skin melting under the blazing
fires of a thousand suns
when we unveil hearts to soul breathe
our hyperlips lock, melting magnetic waves
wrapped tidal delicious in rapture, mindless womb,
spiraling mad sacral infernos igniting the moon

Tink, imma kiss you ever sweet endless deep
in between the sheets, give me a scotch,
fuck the rocks I’ll take it neat
honey bee, lets friction
with our heart’s predilection
while we slick shine making love crimes
lets lose our minds and forget about
any insinuations of the past’ implications
of a free flow fluency diction
bleeding off the residue of
past heart conflictions
or predetermined prescriptions
or paradoxical contradictions
to the hearts beat

cause all that bull shit’s pure fiction
love divides time as passion’s conviction
melts moon fire into celestial sine waves
of cherrywood shirley temple hair

through your star speckled infinite eyes
i can see you true,
your divine goddess mind
tethering your feathers
to the realms never-never
dreaming about that jaybird,
eagle-who-tweets love beats
lion-who-huffs nape of
lioness she purrs pure bless

hemispherical cauliflower minds
and brain games broccoli insanity
Tink I wanna eat your heart!
don’t take it so serious, its art
but imma love you forever, no bigs
so don’t be so skirred,
aint nothin different than
our last merry go-round the earth,
ending just before this life’s birth
from the womb, the matrix, the tomb,
our souls flowering into bloom

tink i see the fairy in your eyes
who knows nothing of what ifs,
why nots, and tangled knots. she and i
entwine about spiral time splines
perpetual in heart-mind,
Aum my god, i love your spine

i know your aura glows heavenly divine
some sort of extra celestial shine
upon which the fanged vampiro
romeo poe et. al I am begs to dine.

But to caveat,
I see the she in ye
that’s known me
for aeons you see.
the she in ye that’s me
The eternal I and thou,
the one mirror one,
Love supreme

the Love that knows all is nothing
and everything is everything.
what matters but the now pulse
of the mirrored heart losing
itself in the identity eyes
of another amethyst love mist
now maya jewels capulet scribe?

now tink, swim inside
my paradise eyes,
for my heart it steams,
it drips something horroshow supreme,
infinite streams of neon dreams
heretofore unseen
in this godforsaken like-fiend,
techno-dicted, facebook reality sling

tink this memory, this dream i bleed endlessly:
you came upon my heart, once upon a breeze
you spoke to these eyes of mine
of a jab, a slice, a lunge
and some pumpkin and spice
about should have it, the roll of the dice,
I will advance then your heart will with-treats,
then your heart will add-vans and I will readTrees ,
planting seeds in the depths of my deep blue pi-seas.

hunny, we bend time like it’s nothing
but thin silvery twine
waiting to be woven into a jewelry thing
that you can wear over your heart shrine
that ever blue palace I dream to kiss,
that ever sacred place inside you that
houses my paradise true, my bliss

My heart drips cryptic so slip quick
don’t hesitate but equip!
pack your bags, grab your things!
we’re going to Venus my Vixen,
I’ll be sure to make room
so all your bags fit in,
oh and before we hit the road,
I’m gonna do a little bit
of alchemical mixin,
some drinks for the road,
a high resolution sensory sensation
to electrify the tongue mind and
pleasure centers something
horroshow wicked divine!
Perhaps some eggnog
with perpetual drip of elixir,
from that sacred flower between
your thighs, and some grenadine as a mixer,
a dash of nutmeg, some coconut flakes, call me Victor!
then a sweet syrupy kiss
on your pretty pink lips my prime mate!

On dasher, tongue masher,
that glance and a gaze
has sustained us for 746 days!

anyhow, fuck it all, it’s cold,
my heart is one fire, but im tired…
I just wanna kiss ya honey,
Merry christmas my easter bunny

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