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Alan Watts on Love inspired Madness

By May 22, 2014May 29th, 2014Uncategorized

Alan Watts: “the most common psychotic experience is falling in love. While to fall in love is one of the most fantastic experiences in life, there is absolutely no method and no school which can teach people how to fall in love. You fall in love in the same way as you grow ears, and there is no school for growing ears. But if you’re lucky and you’re human you have ears, and if you’re lucky and you’re human, in the course of life, you undergo the experience of falling in love and when it happens, it is unmistakable and tremendous and you see in a very ordinary woman, an incarnation of the Goddess. The question is, you are certainly not sane when you see this, because she is just an ordinary girl. But actually, the veils have been taken from your eyes, and you have seen one human being as in fact they really are.

But you are of course quite mad. All inspired vision of poetry, drama, of dancing, music, is a certain kind of madness. But this is madness and madness.

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