The fluttering Coo
of an Owl,
is that You…
The Grey-Eyed
Goddess Athena,
Shapeshifter Amorphesa Celexa?

What does thine Heart speak
at the Howl Hour of Now?
Casting Coos across the Moon,
sung from feathered breast,
in thine Golden Heart,
soaring from thine Chest!

Keeper of the Well of Dreams,
Pouring from Infinte Mind Stream

In what form do You come?
In the OneNess All is One

I see Thee and Thy Beauty
in All of Sacred Space!
Wherever mine footsteps Be,
rooted in Gaia from the Tree,
Wherever my Crystalline Palace Heart graces Place!

My Heart sings perpetual Love beats
Yet hand cannot keep with Up tempo Pace!
Desire to express Love & Gratitude
to the OneNess…
to my Eyes~Phi Oh~Psi~Iris-Isis
to do as such in the Land of Dreams!

See you in the Mirror!

October 28, 2013

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