captains log: day 10,712

Captains Log: Day 10,712
I have come to the conclusion that the Earthlings are out of their goddam gourds. Their imaginations are cold and withered. They have been swallowed whole by the material world. Their senses have run amok, thirsting after perpetual stimulation. Or rather, they unconsciously seek distraction from their inner bottomless pits. They continue to pitch matter and the feigned nourishment of sensory experience down into the pit, yet it never fills, all the while they are unaware as to why, perpetually seeking more.

They spend half their waking hours working for the paper they use to purchase goods and services. They spend the other half of their waking hours staring mindlessly at screens: TV, Phone, Computer. Perpetual input. Minimal output. They feed. They feed. They feed. Like ravenous hyenas they feed on input. Stimulation. Anything but reflection. conception….I see others with their noses in books, their hands with pencil, brush, bodies in meditation under what they call trees, imagination at one with the Cosmos. They are not Earthlings, but they do not realize this yet, although a small percentage do. Others have an inkling that this is not their home, so they transcend the illness of Illusion and take refuge in their minds, embracing their power of creation.

Philosophy is dead. It has been consumed by the ravage monster they call Science. Science has an ego of black hole in both magnitude and quality. It attracts the mindless monkeys to it until they breach the event horizon and they are swallowed by its promise to give them reason. The worship of Science is heresy to the Soul. The have killed the Gods they are. Science has become their new God. They will all die agnostics. Upon the white picket fence they stand, they will slip and impail themselves. But their stomachs will be full. Their minds will be occupied. That is all that matters.