i am. illusion.

I awoke to a planet devoid of human life. No contact with other Avatars. Simply I-Am and I-Am. Several days have passed. I-Am in a state of Cosmic Consciousness. I-Am Cosmic Consciousness. Pure presence. Pure observation. Thoughtless. Observation. Of I-Am. Clocks and calendars are now merely abstractions; they have lost their meaning. I no longer have use for them. They are artifacts of a lost world. An illness ridden rat-race dog-eat-dog world, dead of imagination, living in Illusion. Heaven and Hell, depending on one’s ability to rise out of the Illusion of Powerlessness, separation, and duality. With the dissolution of the Clock World and the absence of all “other” Avatars, I simply Be. I simply Am. One. As the stillness and presence settled in, I began to play with I-Am. I began to experience I-Am. I am beginning to become I Am. I Am. I now am I Am and now know that I have always been.

The relationship between I and I-Am is growing ever clearer. I-Am clairvoyant. In absence of all social framework – the framework that created the notion of I and Thou… and Nature – I can clearly see that I Am. In absence of social roles and the confines of person-ality, I see that I-Am… Persona All-ah. Ah how refreshing. Persona: (Latin) – actor’s mask/character in a play.
I Am. All, in mask. Allah in guise. All of, incognito.

I sit in ecstatic wonder. The body begins to drink in Ra-Allah-Tea. I project my consciousness, direct thoughts, intentions, Heart, Art – to play in I-Am. I-Am plays in Ra-Allah-Tea to amuse the fragments of I-Am that are still in a state of “I.” I sees this as Miraculous. Synchronicity. A peak behind the curtain. I-Am do this for fun.

I Am… I Am… I Am…

All else is Illusion. I Am… illusion. ist.

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