KrYstaL CaScAdEs, DeeP WaTerS JaDe

KrYstaL CaScAdEs, DeeP WaTerS JaDe
Sunday August 23, 2014

there’s an ocean shore, a silvery orb, there’s moon
a splintHer, it spliced my HeliOs Iris!
lush echoes adrift betwixt valleys do mix
to melt mirrors luminescent,
unVeiled She, CrystaL EyEs Isis

on MooN strings and SolaRa’s wings,
She did swing and dance with silver tongue
caressing my chorded spine, spiraling
‘round Ra’s eyes with breezy mind in
swirls, tickling my amethyst eye fire

there’s a shimmer a glimmer,
a reflection, a refraction, a lucid elocution
a crystal, a mirror, a moon, a two pi paradox
a swimmingly curvaceous
form most bodacious,
a blanket, some flesh, drapes drizzled,
glistening flesh, a flittering flower,
a vibrant power, a posy, a beat, a pulse,
some sweat, moist sweet breath.
presence now. winds touch. breath hush.

there’s a tongue. there’s two. there’s magic
clocks on fire, there’s futures melting
in past nothingness. there’s monsoons
drumming tribal in ritual on serpent skins,
bliss in rain, there’s a kiss, there’s nothingness,
shedding all under cascade falls, nothing
but the pulse, the hum of Andromeda’s vast lungs,
the Now sweat, the breath,
the eclectic electric souls aglow ecstatic

some hyperlips locked melting waves wrapped
tidal delicious in rapture, mindless womb,
spiraling mad sacral infernos igniting the moon

there’s a sliver of silver, there’s two!
a splinter it’s wedged in my oh Psi Phi spiral Iris!
there’s a feeling, skins peeling
there’s a birth, new earth, paradise timeless
the rising star, there’s presence,
there’s moon, there’s You
the mirror, the glare, heaven’s stairs
here’s nothingness, here’s Sun,
here’s Amun, Atum chanting yaaa Ra I Am!
enter womb, exit time, in presence, in breath
we melted, entering all things Divine.

these silvery eyes,
this maddened tongue
my skies blaze fluorescent
rain with single eye Sol
lips greet the ears mind swims
hypnotic in muse of one mirror

a sweet silver wind ribcage fire, alchemical eyes
lips part, a sliver to syrupy grip quiver,
the two souls depart to fashion deep art
in the HeArt of Twelve DiamondSuns
entering the abyss born sweet timeless,
this, a kiss from sun to moon

sol miraluna mirasol mirror soul
in silver eyes did swim two pi seas
to bathe in her beauty, oceans and lagoons
of crystal cascades in deep waters jade

for one eternity cycling one breath,
piSeas swims delightfully, lost in her labyrinth
in one timeless moment, entered He
the portals of her paradise beauty

all things divine in
the mind of eye dream.
even sorrows serene paint
a scene of beauty pristine,
skies ablaze in fluorescent rain.
crystal cascades, deep waters jade