MaYa SpHynX eyeO’echo LoVe You

September 27, 2014

heyya minx, there’s wings on your back
don’t forget to look in the mirror,
give em a flap, reMember those
divinely fine wings to the blades of grace
protruding from your back…

tink, there’s an-ten-nae
coming out your crown,
down thine spine, into heArt shrine.
Don’t forget to wiggle’m about
flap your graceful feathers, and
and tune your tether to the
realms of the Never Never,..

ping isis, ping athena, ping peter,
ping hermes… aphrodite… sol, luna,
ping horus ra, ping andromeda…
ping perseus, ping theseus, ping pegasus…
reQuest light, love, protection,
source heart compassion love fire
transmutation elixir angel kisses.

allow crystal eyes to spill ink, emote,
bleed heart, purify with fire, Phoenix
rise from ash, of tears shed past…
Whateva ya do, extend em out,
your beautiful an-ten-nae rays,
and tune ya station to celestial vibration.
Link entangled minds and breathe into shrine
the wisdom and peace of the angelics on high.

amorphesa, take your ears off,
put them inside your heart
breathe fill body fire love divine
breathe heart flame inferno
excite vibrate skin tingle breath love,
put brain to bread, drink heart instead.
tears come. tears are chrysalis
liquid coming out your love portals.
shed them to make room for wings.
as we know, one equals zero,
so tears shed rain ‘pon flower bed.
ego gone to bread, makes for reBearth instead…
Tears shed skin, birth wings, trade out fins

tink, fear nothing. fear not love.
fear not love lost. fear no thing.
mourn no doubt, yet fear cast out.
For there is no thing to fear
tink there is no fall, nor stall,
just illusory time. fear not,
wings collapse not. tears always
breed gardens. never any different.

So fear no thing. for
there is no thing just space.
for breathing. The fires of the sun,
the caress of wind. the bless of rain.
There is no thing. Just sensation.
vibration. Interpretation. eMotion
oceans deep. Visions and dreams,
projections and reflections.
there is You. there are mirrors.
there is You and your HeArt. your words.
there are echoes reflections, refractions.
Kites, sprites, candyland delights…

Breathe. Breath.. Breathe.. Breath.. Breathe….
Shed tear, shed skin, tether an-ten-nae
to celestial kin. breathe out
the gravity which hath ankled you.
Breathe balance. Breathe yin. breath yang
Breathe libra. Be one with kin. once again.
Breathe Love, compassion, nurture, self
breath out scales of skin, breathe water
of eyes to grace thine cheeks,
release skin to look in mirror
and see divinity power, your isis within…
See wholeness, see power, see creatrix
fingers sculpting flowers divine
thine eyes and butterfly lashes.
only through the depths of sweet sorrow,
may one come to know the heights of Joy.
sorrow is sweet water for fertile earth.
makes better artist. better angel. better goddess

aeon fluxia, go to garden
where Cronus has no reign.
Close sweet lids, blanket crystalline globes,
soar through stargates, see mind skate…
Keep warm the hearth in heart,
Enter abyss, soar out into elysian fields,
dream paradise, reMember precarnation,
reMember Heavens. reMember Paradise.
see the magic of the Mind one with mirror space

breathe. Be. Peace. Balance. Libra,
find center, breathe. Maya sphynx. these words
moving through I am, have no strings to me,
so fear not, hermes I play from time to time
of timeless nothingness love bliss persists,
yet Saw eye a flower in the shade, t’other day
‘pon the 3 squares 3 cubes. thought heArt,
said Heavens, your fam, “tune in sweet sprite,
fear not this heavy plight, Sphynx eye’O’echo
wake from Maya reMember your eversweet delights”

remember nine and one, twice round,
during the day of sun in sky
you are merely training
to be a better dreamer
a better creatix. further
integrate the inner goddess..

so dance shiva butterfly,
rise kundalini fire
take not sirius thine maya
for in fact ‘tis flipped

thine dreams are royal reAllahTea
so spread wings angel thing,
remember every night you go to dream
you awaken to your creation on gliding skates
thine dreams soon to merge with walking state

thine heart dreams burn fire aglow,
musing minx, sphynx tink isabella
thou art the Beauty, Isis eyeO’echo Indigo
this you know. Sweetest light we rain
Upon thy being as thy eyes grace this page.

Don’t forget, heArt is direct line to all souls
immune from time. call any, call all, put ears
In heart, quiet mind, be one with pulse,
listen, feel, reMember Voice, hear us,
allow and integrate, look out thine eye fingers
with the EyEs of Isis thou art,
give a call, a ping, any time, sparrow sing.
In an instant, one shall come to
enter field and assist in heal transmute, release.
this is the Divine, your fam, outside of time…
You reMember. so ping any time,
hear voice in heart MinD shrine
meanwhile, never forget thou Art Divine…

with Love, of Love, from Love, as Love
eye Love You tink

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