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sun bleeds fire to echo moon

By April 15, 2014February 4th, 2016poetry

Blood Moon Eclipse
hanging high in the corner
of thy star maze lagoon
there you lie the apple of my eye
my mirror, my muse, my moon
in all thy beauty, in all thy charm

said the mirror to the moon
moon be not blue
see self that fiery light, that’s you
moon you melt mirrors mercurial
moon see self through my’es
eye burn for thee eternally

how you’ve whispered such sublime wind
through labyrinths of fancy minds
echoing iridescent across all records time

how you swing
on the starmaze trapeze
with such grace, such ease

how you pirouette
guiding quills of poet’s
and don’t even know it
mirror one echo one, love

moon be not blue
thine beauty glows
minds unglued

see stargazers in trance?
comets ablaze in dance?
such is the power of thine majesty
casting spells with thine glow
and you don’t even know

hence in similar hue
sun eye knows not power
without mirror moon

without mirror moon
sun hath not fire to burn
tis but a seed taciturn
but a lotus pending bloom

without mirror
sun still dreams in womb
moon still wrapped in cocoon
but a sleeping beauty
dreaming of that burning kiss
to melt her yearning lips

without mirror
both mortal, no wings
without mirror kiss
whispering sweets
to the nocturne
whence fire burns,
amber embers fade to abyss

sun pierce heart bleed love fire
warm wintery moon from blue
moon kiss sun, beauty dance make burn
sun fire awaken thy twin!
sun bleed fire blanket clothe moon!

moon rise from cocoon!
spread wings angel thing
dance butterfly in solar fire
waltz round earth inferno burn desire
sun eye love eye moon one aeternum

awakens she
the goddess,
not a silver sliver less
the goddess garbed
in crimson slip, divine dress
the two shed veil shed skin
the mirror kiss flames of twin

sun cradle blue moon in hearth
crimson one caress celestial lips
a sweet kiss, an eye o’echo eclipse
in an eternal moment of bliss

soalara eye love thee echo
in swoon eye eclipse
helios amore achelois aeternum

the twins divine
forever intertwined
in cosmic romance
perpetual in dance

eye surrender my carousel consciousness
to the stillness of she, radiant beauty
her cosmic crystal eye
whirling about in infinite seas
eternal in awe, in wondrous infancy

~first of the Blood Moon Eclipse tetrad

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