a guide dance

empty the mind,
so they heart may
move through it.

hold onto no thing,
so it’s movement
through your fingers
may delight the skin.
fill no canister to keep and store.
yet puncture its bottom, then pour.
so it may always be both
full and filling, and
the waters never stale.

forget about tomorrows everywhere
and remember the now you
forgot yesterday

watch thoughts.
. watch thoughts
dance with the mirror.
observe how the life reflects.
. observe how the life reflects
that with the I projects.
once I learns this.
I envisions Paradise Found..
then projects and observes the Magick

be affectionate with self.
with hands and eyes and voice.
with gratitude, speak sweetly to
the wounded warrior within.
for on their backs, they have carried
us through the thickets and trenches.
only we forget their noble service,
at times of cease fire and peace

be kind and loving to the body.
It can hear what we say about it.
and it too has feelings, independent
of ours. the body is our friend,
not our possession, not our curse,
not our blessing. Speak to it,
thank it, express love for its quirks.
It can hear you, you can heal it.

The Heart-Mind,
is the Wand, and
Life the Orchestra,
eagerly awaiting
to synchronize and jive
in blissful symphony
to the swirl and dance
of the joyous Wand’s song
of I Am

now party on

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