i am mighty love

knowing mEye simulatIon rePresents
my inner Wor(l)ds and sTaTe of being in HeArt Mind,
the Moment(Aum) Eye cHaNge my iNNer sTaTe
to ReFlect on my Blessings with Gratitude,
to Honor and thank my BoDy VehIcle,
to AppReCiate my eVeR Blessed Life Conditions,
to Witness the Beauty in Surrendered Thought,
and DrInk in Awe the Wonders of Ra and
the Miracle Magic of the Mirror Simulation,

then Eye Immediately Project a New
simulation manifestation to Harmonize
with Eye Am Nu and ReFlect my eyeMotion.

Knowing Linear Time is iLLoseSun,
I only identify with this Present
sTate and the newborn opportunity
to express New Love in New Light
in New Wa(y)ves to feed I Am Expansion
in Love I Am Flow – OnWard OutWard –
Where Gratitude Goes, eYe Am Goes,
Love Flows, Light Glows and FlowErs Grow,
this eYe Know,
for I Am a Mighty Love